Switch běhá agility 
LA 2 a moc ho to baví. Více informací o budoucím tatínkovi štěňátek si můžete přečíst v dopise od jeho paničky.

He works in agility in Grade 2, although I think next year we might go to veteran c class while he will be 9 then but we first start in normal heigt but maybe later... He still loves it and is crazy like hell with it. We dont do obedience but we do herding once a while which he is very good in.
He is a strong boy with very friendly character towards people and children. He loves to play with everybody and each visitor is greatened with a big smile on his face and a toy to play tug and war. 
Agility tábor Podmitrov 2012 s Martinou Vaškebovou a Nikol Hanačíkovou
Foto by Luccy - Sasha
Letní robinsonáda 2-001.jpg
Oficiální závody agility
Foto by Luccy - Sasha a Svaťka Lišková
Neoficiální závody agility
Závod dle zkušebního řádu ZPV1
Foto by Luccy - Sasha
Lážo plážo Ostrov 3-001.jpg

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